Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scavenger Hunt: The Worst NBA Game of the Year

HHR's Cynic just found out that he may have club seats to tonight's OKC Thunder/Memphis Grizzlies game.

Because we've had so much fun with previous scavenger hunts, we've decided to do it again. Any suggestions to be on the lookout for in what could be the worst NBA game of the year? Some ideas we came up with:
  • Seattle Supersonics jersey
  • University of Florida gear (this is Sooner country, after all)
  • Kevin Durant U. of Texas jersey
  • A Thunder win (the rarest of all)
  • Mullet (a given)
  • Straw Hat & Overalls
  • An inappropriate "Rudy Gay" sign
  • Anything Darko Milicic related
  • Facepainters
  • OJ Mayo's posse (Bonus if it's a photo of a hot chick because you misread "posse")
  • A photo of Scotty Brooks just losing his mind on the sideline after the Thunder go down 25
  • A woman wearing a skin tight thunder shirt with a fupa
Put suggestions in comments.


Alana G said...
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Alana G said...

The THUNDER mascot of course! Oh wait....

Dewey Hammond said...

Fourth-quarter photo of a row that is entirely full.