Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sexiest Coach in Football Gets Barracked

Lissa Brennan is an "actress, director, occasional stagehand and all-round theater-loving gal," and needless to say has a flair for hyperbole, touting what she considers "the best Steelers T-shirt ever. EVER!!!"

I will give it to her. It's a pretty sweet design.

Why Tomlin? Why Obama?

"The Obama posters' design is so iconic and immediately recognizable, and I loved them and I also love Mike Tomlin. We have the sexiest coach in the NFL. You don't want a shirt with Bill Belichick on it.

"You could have put any one of those boys' faces on the shirt and people would want it. Put Farrior on it, put Troy. Oh, my God. They're all beautiful."

In between designing t-shirts and prancing around on stage, Ms. Brennan spends an awful lot of time flicking her bean to the Steeler media guide.

I do disagree with her on one front though. Who wouldn't want to pimp this sexy bastard on their chest?

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