Friday, January 16, 2009

Cooley's Back Side

For kicks, the technicians at HHR took the notebook picture we re-posted below from Chris Cooley's blog, flipped it horizontal and played with the brightness, contrast and curves and ran it through a series of x-ray machines trying to read what was on the other side of the paper.

As you can see he is tallying a series of counts that to the untrained eye, on the surface, look indecipherable.

What became obvious to us, though you can't tell on a computer monitor, is that he is counting several different references/actions made in the meeting by teammate Clinton Portis.

We labeled each series and below will provide a descriptor.

A. Quotes former first lady Dolly Madison.
B. "Yes we can" references.
C. Commentary on final season of The Wire.
D. References Fraggle Rock.
E. Rolls eyes at Jim Zorn.
F. Smells fingers.
G. Screams "Who-Aaah" like Pacino.
H. Lights something small on fire.
I. Uses phrase "irregardless."
J. Stops breathing.
K. Sniffs Sharpie.
L. Refuses to use consonants.

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Chris Cooley said...

Sorry guys, the tally marks are for a running eucher poker game between Todd Yoder and myself. Funny stuff though.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

That was actually our second guess. Thanks for the clarification!