Monday, January 5, 2009

CR Dunbar: Bowl Season is Lost

The new Bowl season has me all tied up and looking for Others.

It is now January 5, and I have no clue how many Bowl games are left. In the past, say a year ago, I didn't need to consult a schedule. All you needed to do was turn on the TV between Christmas and New Year's and there would be a game on.

Now the Bowl season is being drawn out like the Lost series. Excessive gaps between seasons/shows that lead to audience confusion and willingness to stop following because of inaction and other stories to follow.

The Bowl season is now smack dab in the middle of NFL playoffs and T.O./Brett Favre off-season coverage. It doesn't have the limelight of its season when other leagues would yield to the Bowls. Now, college football is impeding on others' seasons in a overwrought land grab.

To top it off, the games this year have been as dull and with no purpose as, say, season 3 of Lost. If you are lucky to find a game on TV, you are treated with obscure 7th best ACC team against a 3rd best Big Sky team.

This isn't about being unable to deal with change. Sports fans and collegiate athletes should not have to deal with postponement of games for an attempt to garner more broadcast dollars. Just as TV viewers shouldn't be expected to watch a series that goes nowhere and should have wrapped after 2 seasons but is being wrung dry for advertisement dollars.

College football needs to know its role in the sports scheme and improve itself in its allotted time slot, not try to wring itself out making it a distraction.

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Truth About It said...

I wonder if there's any truth to the rumor that ratings are down for this bowl season......that'll get those b*tch-ass university presidents thinking about playoffs.