Monday, January 5, 2009

Grizzlies Hope To Destroy Team Chemistry, Corrupt Young Players In One Fell Swoop

As mentioned on, the Memphis Grizzlies have activated Darius Miles (who is currently serving a 10 game suspension for violating the leagues drug policy - earlier speculated on HHR drummed up by Portland for salary cap reasons), while Steve "Stevie Franchise" Francis remains inactive but is close to joining the team. The Grizzlies, who admittedly aren't great this year but have a nice young core with Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol, and likely Rookie of the Year OJ Mayo (among other players), are now going to be mixed up with two guys who have more jerseys in their closet than a Champs Sports. Also, two players who have never been labeled "glue guys" - if you will.

The fact Francis is going to don a Grizzlies jersey is a true "full-circle moment." We remember the 1999 draft when the former Terp had to hold back tears of sadness as he pulled on his then Vancouver hat as the second overall pick. He made it ridiculously clear he was not going to go Canada (a fear many folks have) and was later dispatched to Houston. As for Miles, he is probably the worse of the two as he was a cornerstone of the JailBlazers-era that Portland has just finally lifted the cloud on in the last couple of years. Miles makes somewhat of an amazing comeback after Portland doctors ruled his knee FUBAR. He now returns to help destroy Portlands cap space (they are on the hook for Miles once he plays 10 games), and to try and add a veteran presence to the Grizzlies.

Miles wisely did not suggest he would be a leader on the team:"I've been in the league nine years. I've seen a lot, and I've experienced a lot -- the ups and downs," the 27-year-old Miles said. "I think we've got two young players in Rudy and O.J. who need to learn how to be a leader.

"They're going to be the leaders of this team. I don't need to come to this team and try to be a leader. I can just give them my opinion on experience and stuff like that."

He then added, "but I do have this great connect on the eastside of Memphis, you know these guys just gotta let me know."

-Posted by Cadillac Mescallade

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