Friday, January 16, 2009

In BBQ Sauce Rage, Rusty Propositions Dale Jr.

Regardless of what's on MTV, Junior probably prefers the superior barbecue of his own state to the tomato mess of Memphis. Rusty (on behalf of HHR) is proud to offer Junior an unlimited supply of homemade North Carolina style barbecue in exchange for a weekly NASCAR insider's column on this beloved sports blog.

It wouldn't have to be much . . . just a few short paragraphs about life as the world's most popular racecar driver. We could call it, June Bug's Garage Talk or some other silly play on words. The English language dictionary can be your oyster, my friend.

You just give us a call, Junior, and we are here to serve. Rusty is more than willing to turn his kitchen into your own personal barbecue factory. And as some members of the HHR staff will tell you, Rusty's barbecue is like a circus of awesomeness in your mouth.

Just let us know, buddy.

Yours truly,

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