Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Images

Sure, there were some great scenes in sports this weekend. But can they match the enjoyment of these few snapshots I grabbed when I was out-and-about?

Perfect for the Texans Titans Oilers Fan in Your Life

A steal at only $2.99!

Ethinic Stereotypes are Funny

Watta Dago! (I sent this to my father saying "We had this." He texted back: "Still do.")

Don't Foul Magic

Kids, no hard fouls. Seriously.

Double Word Score

I lost this Scrabble game and injured myself in the process.

The Lady Vols Are Better Than Your Team

2007-2008 Two Straight!

They've Got Eight!

Question is: Is this broad-backed lady's hoops fan a male or female?

You're With Me, Ugly Tie

"This tie of mine was all the rage the year Joey Flacco was born."

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1 comment:

MMayes said...

Lady Vols fan: Male or female?

My long-held philosophy on the "male or female" question is summed up simply. If you can't tell, it doesn't matter (because you're going to stay away anyway).