Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Images

Sure, there were some great scenes in sports this weekend. But can they match the enjoyment of these few snapshots I grabbed when I was out-and-about?

Tip #1: Have her sign a pre-nup

This weekend on MTV's Made, Michael Strahan helped a fellow dumpy football brother out who wanted to be a "Ladies Man."

You know how to make a bullshot? Do you know how to make a shoe smell?

Arizona-Panthers on the flatscreens, Eagles-Giants ready to throw down the following day, and the bartender showing his Dallas pride with a Julius Jones jersey.

This about sums up yesterday

In case you can't follow:

F*ck the Giants
Eagles #1
Do they ever win a Super Bowl?
In the 40's and 50's before it was called Super Bowl.

Who put the M where the T should be?

I stared at this a good 5 minutes. I'm sure they got it wrong.

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