Monday, February 9, 2009

Amid A-Rod Scandle, Chavez Declares Self Greatest Latin Beisbol Player, Throws Ticker Tape Parade

Always eager and willing to poke a thumb in the eye of the United States, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrated with grandeur as the greatest player of America's national past time is embroiled in steroid controversy.

After showing off his invisible bat, Chavez delightfully threw himself a very-visible ticker tape parade declaring: "SI! I am is de great bambino of de beisbol game in de ever. Fuckada A-Rod! Fuckada Busha! I ama de chapeen mi amigo!"

"Mia chocka uppa realla gooda like dis."

"Homarunna! Gimme de five!"

"Hello dare! I see-a Bobby Abreau doing nappy nappy! Waka upa, Bobby!"

"I go a to a Passadena now?"

"SI! Ima de besta!"

"Raisa you hand if you a nemero uno!"

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