Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bump & Run: Cornerback Sued for Impropriety at His Salon

Among Trenton-native Troy Vincent's contributions to the economic development of his hometown region is his ownership of Essence Salon in Ewing. Now he, the salon and one of its masseurs are being sued for sexual assault.

This should bode well for his quest to succeed Gene Upshaw as head of the NFLPA.

A sign in the salon allegedly posted by the Vincents, McHugh said in the suit, tells clients to remove all their clothing, including undergarments. The victim said she refused to remove her panties and covered herself with a sheet.

After getting the victim on the table, Jones allegedly told her that the panties were too tight, ripped them off and digitally penetrated her with force, McHugh said, adding that Jones then allegedly grabbed the victim’s wrist and "forced her hand to his penis."

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1 comment:

McLane said...

Digitally penetrated? I wonder if he used 3G or 2G.

No mention of a golden shower, pretty disappointing.