Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cadillac Mescallade: Deconstructing Nike's LeBron VI "The Taxicab"

Thanks to the folks at for tipping us off to the latest pair of Nikes in the Lebron James genre. These fly, new kicks, modeled after New York City Taxis, (of course) appear to be a subtle ploy by Nike to help lure LBJ to Madison Square and the New York Knicks come 2010. As for the shoes themselves, much like Taxi Cab Confessions, they require a closer look. Coming to America meets Bumbelion from the Wuzzles as the yellow and black mix with a checkerboard design all gracefully topped off by a mild mannered lion on the tongue of the sneaker. The Wizard of Oz this is not, or is it?

Complimented with a large Nike swoosh and the signature L23 logo, the shoes come replete with black and white checkered laces that can likely be swapped out for something a little more you, and me, and everyone else who isn't pinning that weak shit on the glass like this is some kind of rec league. The shoe is likely of the same strong caliber of any Nike sneaker, so it's really just a matter of if you like the look. It will take some gusto to rock these babies down to the park or through the mall, unless of course you got it like that. Regardless, it's a head turner and and at deadstock status it's not something you'll see many others with. For 300 bills they could be yours. If the Price is Right.

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