Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Guv Disses Eagles Fans at Heinz Field

Sporting his lucky black and yellow "Super Bowl" tie, the Guv demonstrates how much better the Steelers are than the Eagles.

In announcing the winner to the essay contest "Why I love the Pittsburgh Steelers" (a twist on the traditonal state vs. state Super Bowl wager Governor Ed Rendell had with Arizona Gov. Janice Brewer in which "The state with the losing team had to put together a vacation for a resident of the state with the winning team,") the Guv took a slap at his hometown Eagles:

"It was a fun contest. We got very few smart-aleck responses. And many of [the essays] were very poignant. One common theme of all of them ... was the love of the town for the Steelers and the fact that the Steelers, probably more than any other NFL franchise, embody the heart and soul of the town."

This from a guy who made his name pelting snowballs on the the field at the Vet as the Cowboys headed the hell out of Dodge.

He did stop short of changing his name to "Ed Rendsteeler."

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1 comment:

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Benedict Arnold. More proof you can never trust a politician.