Friday, February 13, 2009

NASCAR Predictions: Rusty Picks a Champ

Separated at Birth?

Carl Edwards: As much as I hate to make this prediction, I think Mr. Ed's the guy to beat this coming season. No one, not even the champion won more races than Carl, last year. He won 9. Add that to the fact that Carl's made the Chase in each of his 4 full season's in cup, giving him valuable experience in knowing how to be good at the right time. In 2007, fans thought they were witness to one of the best battles for the Cup in the last 10 years, that was until this year, where Carl had until the last few laps of the last race, a viable shot at the title. I could throw more stats and numbers at you, but to be honest, after hooting and hollering through the Gatorade 125's yesterday, I'm plum tuckered out. Ole Rusty watched Cousin Ed catch the bouquet last year, and this year, he'll be walking down the aisle . . . GULP.

Tomorrow: Rusty's JR Prediction

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