Monday, February 2, 2009

Preserving History: The Joy of Six

After each major sporting event, HHR takes a look at how it is portrayed in news print in some of the nation's leading dailies. Part out of curiosity, and part to preserve the dying medium.

Today we document the unapologetic crotch shot Bruce Springsteen gave America, which until the 4th quarter was the only noteworthy event of last night's game Pittsburgh Steelers' unprecedented sixth Super Bowl title.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Arizona Daily Star
Lehigh Valley (PA) Express Times


Seattle Times

Seattle PI

Philadelphia Inquirer

New York Times

New York Post

New York Daily News

LA Times

Dallas Morning News

Denver Post

Chicago Sun Times

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Bston Herald

Boston Globe

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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1 comment:

BlueWorkhorse said...

Thanks HHR. Great work. I enjoyed all of the covers.