Thursday, March 12, 2009

Billy Packer Hired Psychic to Find OJ's Murder Weapons; Knows Not of this Wikipedia You Speak of

"Your strange corporate-speak confuses and frightens me."

Billy Packer is confused by Wikipedia and computers, but fancies himself a super-sleuth.

Best Damn Sports Show Period Podcast's Jason Cahill passed along this golden Packer audio, that we illustrated for your viewing pleasure.

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1 comment:

Pro-Hat Party said...

what in the hell? i want this explained to me -- the playing golf courses backwards thing. seriously. i mean, does he put a tee on the green? what do he do about putting? does he put on the tee box? i propose this as a Friday discussion. this is fascniating. Does he have to get the course closed to do so? It is the thrill the constant hitting into ppl and them you? this is just the actions of an insane person. I like billy packer but this makes dick vitale look normal.