Thursday, March 5, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [3.5.09]

An interview with Carl Beane, the voice of Fenway (Red Sox Monster)

Interview with A.J. Daulerio (3:10 to Joba)

Reviewing how teams fare with and without T.O. (Rumors and Rants)

2009 Offseason: The Eight Worst Free Agent Contracts (Jorge says no)

Who should sign T.O. (Jumping Offsides)

Pernilla Lundberg : Sexy Swede (Gunaxin)

5 Quick Questions with Tricia Helfer. And, Yes, a Gallery (The Bachelor Guy)

Best Movie Death Scene EVER (YepYep)

Quote of the day (Blog of Hilarity)

Amanda Bynes is all grown up and drunk (Tasty Booze)

PGA tour wives lookin good for charity (The World of Isaac)

Greg Paulus stars in “I Kissed a Boy” (Brahsome)

Hippies are going to McDonald’s and getting the filet of Phish (Observation Bubble)

15 Amazing Brazilian Supermodels You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (StyleCrave)

Jessica Lowndes Is The Kind Of Girl That Spells Trouble (The Beer Goggler)

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