Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama to Women Hoopsters: Title Nein!

"You guard like a Lady Tarheel."

The very first plank in then-Candidate Obama's education platform was "Protecting Title IX":

Barack Obama and Joe Biden supports eliminating gender discrimination in American schools. For 35 years, Title IX has been a bulwark against sex discrimination against students and employees at all levels of education. Obama and Biden will fight to make sure women have equal opportunities and access from pre-kindergarten through graduate school.

Yet, as the sports-loving nation fawned over the novelty of the President filling out his MEN's NCAA bracket, I can't help but wonder how many aspiring adolescent WNBAers out there felt slighted as they waited to no avail for the leader of the free world and mouthpiece for change to fill out his women's bracket.

For all the accomplishments of a Connecticut Lady Huskies team or milestones of a Pat Summitt or the perseverance of a Vivian Stringer, the message is's all trivial. Your hard work, your courage and your struggles mean nothing compared to your male counterparts.

And this just after he paraded his wife and formal rival out for photo ops (that's what they are good for - looking pretty) and created a nonsensical commission.

"He lets you wear shoes?"

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Devra said...
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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I filled out brackets for both tournaments.

Just goes to show I am an equal opportunity gambler.