Thursday, April 2, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [4.2.09]

Hug me, Danny. I'm feeling a little antsy in the pantsy.

Great Explanations For DNPs (Did Not Play) (Not Qualified to comment)

Brewer Fan Saves Sunbathing Bikini Chick From Home Run Plunking (Busted Coverage)

Tim Floyd, Of All People, Will Make Pitt Fans Nervous (PSAMP)

Boston Celtics: Resilliancy (Hardwood Houdini)

Todd MacCulloch, Pinball Wizard (Real Clear Sports)

A list of baseball maladies that are more believable than Dontrelle Willis' "Anxiety Disorder" (Splog)

Top 10 (Worst) Soundtrack Music Videos Ever (Afro Jacks)

Audrina Patridge does something semi-athletic (On 205th)

10 Ugliest Kicks of the Past 20 Years. (YepYep)

'Angel' Star Andy Hallett dies at 33 (Gravy and Biscuits)

Attention Females! Can You Do This? (MoonDog Sports)

Sienna Miller And One Bad Ass Tiger (The Beer Goggler)

Tennis great Boris Becker looks cracked out (The World of Isaac)

Top Twenty Fictional Gadgets (Gunaxin)

Babies, Hoes and Inflatable Sofa Rafts: Why Athletes Go Broke (Brahsome)

Top 10 (worst) soundtrack videos of all time (Afrojacks)

Lessons learned from Atari boxing (gadjunk)

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