Friday, April 3, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out

Things that may or may not happen this big league season (Diamond Hoggers)

Is Harold Reynolds Gonna Have To Hug A Bitch? (Fack Youk)

Cocaine is a powerful drug (Gem Mint Ten)

Joe Flacco gets help from the Wonderpets (Major League Jerk)

Phillies preview, JC Romero: newspaper star (Bugs and Cranks)

Who Knew The MMA Had Cry Babies? (Total Pro Sports)

Eastern Kentucky U won a baseball game 49-1. Slackers. (Bootlegger Sports)

Somebody likes HHR??? (SI)

Do you want more?? (City Paper)

See the Red Band trailer to ‘Bruno’ & find out why it is going to more offensive than ‘Borat’ (The O.B.)

The Hottest Girls of the Final Four (Gunaxin)

Happy Birthday Amanda Bynes (MoonDog Sports)

Ty Lawson already gambling in Detroit (The World of Isaac)

A Chicago Realist’s View Of The Jay Cutler Trade. (YepYep)

Cutting down the nets with Final Four cocktails (The Bachelor Guy)

Sara Jean Underwood & Her Pink Boxing Gloves (The Beer Goggler)

These Go To Eleven: Songs of South Park (Brahsome)

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