Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JoPa Being JoPa

"Who? Huh? Where am I?"

I'll be damned, but I can't find video of this anywhere.

Penn State's Simon Birch, Joe Paterno, was on hand last night to see Penn State's Men's hoops team advance to the NIT finals.

During an interview, JoPa spouted about the good old days - when basketball was a Jew sport: "Everyone says it's a black mans game. When I played it was a Jewish mans game." Bill Raftery: "Yeah a city game right?"

Give us a shout if anyone finds the vid/audio.

Update. I was able to pilfer some audio off of the ESPN360 broadcast. "They were great." Luckily, our much more tech savy friend at Awful Announcing was able to grab some vid.

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Bill said...

might this be a very good April Fool's Day joke?

NDEddieMac said...

I'm glad I'm not crazy. I thought he said that and cracked up. I instantly got a call from my old roommate at ND who said the same thing. Crazy old people are always hilarious.

Hobs said...

Yeah it's funny and we laugh I guess but in all honesty I don't think it's really right to call Mr. Pa "crazy". It's a sad sign of the times when we've been so bludgeoned by the mundane and inanimate hammer of politically correctness that we see this as a wayward thought. Trust me, I see how it's a dunk for a erstwhile sports bloggo to put this up however what he said was hardly inaccurate nor should it be pinned as ignorant or remotely racist. This wasn't Fuzzy Zoeller jealously spouting about Tiger or Billy Packer rattling off offensive adjectives toward a collegiate Allen Iverson. It is a black man's game today as it was very much a jewish pastime in its infancy. And while the don of State College might come off like a wily octogenarian more suited to play pinochle with Frank Costanza in Boca remember - he can still get it up stiff and hard amongst the swinging dicks of the Top 25. I say kiss his rings and pay homage to him as he quite possibly the last of a great and legendary breed. We should take a lesson and tell it like it is. Let's leave the spin to the spiral. Afterall, this isn't Russia, Danny.

WTF said...

What a stupid article. What did he say that was so bad? He's 100 years old. People his age aren't afraid to say Jewish, Black guy etc. Who cares? Wasn't basketball a Jewish sport before it became a Black man's sport? Isn't hockey a White man's sport? Everyone is so PC nowadays it's tiring.

lonelypirate said...

very nice