Friday, May 1, 2009

Crabtree Auditioning for Role of Freddie Mitchell

Freddie Mitchell will long be the subject of Eagle fan scorn for the first round pick's inability to live up to expectations (and his own ego). The eccentric wide receiver-turned-blogger was thrust on to the national scene in the Eagles lead up to the Super Bowl a few years back, in which during a press conference he infamously thanked his "hands for being so great" and donned oven mitts to protect them.

49er fans better pray their top prospect Michael Crabtree's career doesn't suffer the same fate as First Down Freddie. His preferred hand protection method doesn't bode well for San Fran. Here's hoping the similarities end there.

Crabtree's Top 5 Reasons Why He Has Good Hands

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1 comment:

shon said...

As a Niners fan i have high hopes for Crabtree. But I think putting him on the same plate with Freddie Mitchell is a bit premature. Of course he's cocky and confident, he's a reciever; its in their DNA to be that way. And as for comparing himself to great ones like Rice, Irvin, and Moss, well Jay Glazer was the one who opened that door so what else was Crabtree supposed to say? "Oh i know i will never be as great as them, i lack that kind of aspiration and drive". Give the guy a break.