Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fake Umps Call Balls & Strikes From Stands

Well done by a couple of amateur comedians at the Yankees/Jays game last night.

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Ian H. said...

These guys are getting a lot of airtime lately. This is the second occasion I've seen them "calling" the game from behind home plate. This time, the one guy actually had the ump's mask though. That's commitment to the bit if I've ever seen it.

t-bone said...

They got a lot of face time during the Indians' two-game series there last week. The Tribe's broadcasters noticed they are actual MLB ump uniforms, and looked up the ump numbers on their sleeves.

Ian H. said...

The Blue Jays commentators didn't notice them last week, but they certainly took notice during last night's game. I guess there was nothing better for them to talk about last night than the two guys in umpire uniforms.

J. Mark English said...

That is absolutely crazy..

Here is a riddle.

A man leaves home. He makes three left turns. When he returns home after the last turn, he is greeted by two men with masks on that are waiting for him. Who are the two men in masks?