Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HHR Hugs It Out [5.27.09]

Scott Boras Facts‏ (National Lampoon)

Horrific Soccer Injury: Oupa Ngulube Breaks Leg In Half (TPS)

Meet Two-Year Old Pool Prodigy: Keith "I’m a hustler baby" O’dell Jr. (Steady Burn)

Tim Lincecum Is Back! (Josh Q. Public)

What 5 Players Could Outeat Charles Barkley? (NESW)

Reasons to Hate the Nuggets (Rumors & Rants)

Michael Vick Deserves A Second Chance (MoonDog Sports)

Five Coaches Most Likely To Be Sprewell'd (Zoner Sports)

Age limits and the NBA (A Stern Warning)

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1 comment:

Pro-Hat Party said...

i agree, vick has paid his debt to society. it's amazing what we get outraged about in this country. what he did to those dogs was awful, he paid the price, and now he should be allowed to apply for jobs. fuck the nfl is they don't give owners a chance to sign him if they want.