Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cynic: So You Think Your Job is Tough?

In a post at the end of last season, I noted that Oklahoma fans had lost the right to gripe about the BCS after:
  • 2003: OU made the title game despite being blown out in their conference championship game
  • 2004: OU got the nod over an unbeaten Auburn for the right to be demolished by USC
  • 2008: Due to Big 12 rules that use BCS rankings as a tiebreaker, OU went to the title game instead of Texas, who had beaten the Sooners on a neutral field
Without getting into a debate over whether or not Oklahoma was the right choice in each of these years, nobody can claim that the Sooners haven’t been among the biggest beneficiaries of the BCS system. Well, we may now know how this keeps happening: it turns out that former OU quarterback (and congressman) J.C. Watts is a lobbyist for the BCS.

In a time when a Democratic President puts a college football playoff on the same level with the economy and health care, Republican congressmen say the BCS is “communism” and the BCS’ approval ratings are somewhere in between Bernie Madoff and AIG, this may be Watts’ toughest job yet.

Running the wishbone against Texas and Nebraska defense was easy compared to defending the BCS.

As for OU, I’m guessing that they'll do some pretty good lobbying of their own next fall.

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