Tuesday, June 2, 2009

John Salley, PETA Hypocrite: Vegan Spider Eats a Rat's Tail

Vegetarian and former NBA star/Best Damn host John Salley once expounded the virtues of giving up meat. Hell, even his "Get Me Out of Here" bio notes: "Salley is a devoted vegan and has appeared in numerous testimonial videos for PETA."

Apparently, this doesn't apply when you are chasing a chicken dinner in Costa Rica:

"First Challenge. It's an eating challenge, excellent. It's one-on-one faceoff style, Janice is sitting out because there are more girls than guys. First matchup is John Salley vs. Heidi. It would really tickle me if she won. The dish is a rat's tail. Sally just swallows it whole but Heidi makes a valiant effort."

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Joalbert said...

I couldn't believe it when I was watching it. I mean I really thought that he was a vegan, unless he's doing it for his charity, or he's eating meat again. I'm confused, I wished he would explain to everyone why he did it.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

J - the crazy thing is that it's not only listed on his bio, but he also noted it on the show. Then no mention or blinking of an eye when he did it. The lifestyle is not for me, but I respect those who choose it...but you can't pick and choose when it suits you, and then advocate otherwise.