Friday, June 26, 2009

Knicks Grab Hill and Douglas In Draft, Rubio In Sight?

As Stuart Scott stumbled through two rounds of the NBA Draft and one first round pick referenced not the east coast or the west coast but the rarely visited mid-coast of the United States, a flurry of activity went down all throughout the day leading to one of the most anticipated drafts in some time. With the Shaq Daddy moving on to Cleveland and Vince Carter going to Orlando the stage was set for a host of moves during the actual draft. Unfortunatley, there weren't many moves left to be made outside of the usual swapping of rights that dominates most every NBA Draft.

The hometown New York Knicks were disappointed early on when the Golden State Warriors snatched Stephen Curry at the seven pick right as the Knicks were ready to go in the eight spot. When Arizona's Jordan Hill was selected, he was met with a bit of a Bronx Cheer. I think Hill has a chance to be a nice addition and the fans weren't necessarily booing Hill but booing the fact Curry was no longer available. Between the NFL Draft and Jets fans and the NBA Draft and Knicks fans, history tells us whenever the New York crowd is set on one person and that person is no longer available they would boo any man that comes down the pike.

With Hill the Knicks took the "best available player" - which is a nice move since at this point they just want quality guys. Later on they confirmed the trade with the Lakers for the 29th pick of the first round to take Florida State's Toney Douglas. Douglas is not exactly a household name in college hoops but could be a nice pick up. Another interesting move was obtaining Darko Milic for Quentin Richardson from the Memphis Grizzlies. Knicks fans are hoping this isn't the last trade with Memphis (see, Rubio, Ricky) but it's a move that is worth taking a gamble. Both players have expiring contracts after this season and Richardson has been banged up in recent seasons, while Milic, the famous bust of the Lebron/Carmelo draft might work in the Mike D'Antoni system.

Late rumors from Yahoo Sports have mentioned that the Knicks are trying to work a deal for Rubio, a player they highly coveted along with Curry in the first round but were unable to make the moves to get in position to make the picks. That is of course a to be continued.

Other thoughts on the draft...I thought Brandon Jennings might have been a nice gamble pick for the Knicks at the eight spot, but he ended up going to Milwaukee at the ten spot...James Harden seemed to surprise going high as the three pick, but OKC now is starting to build a solid core of young guys...Dick Vitale was vindicated when Tyler Hansbrough cracked the lottery at 13 to the Pacers...Vitale pretty much refuses to acknowledge players that didn't go through the college system which is always fun and makes me wish I recorded the Lebron James draft...BJ Mullens may be this year's Todd Fuller, the very tall white center that doesn't pan out, but stay tuned...Sam Young is fun to watch and could be nice in that mix on Memphis...Danny Green might be a solid bench player on a contending Cleveland team...Patrick Mills from St. Mary's goes very late in the second round, possibly a sign he should have stayed. Mills made a strong name for himself on the Australian National Team at the Beijing Olympics, but perhaps a late season injury hurt his stock...Finally shout out to New Jersey product and St. Anthony's grad Ahmad Nivins going from St. Joe's to the Dallas Mavericks. For anyone that read the Miracle of St. Anthony by Adrian Wojnarowski, Nivin was well chronicled and it's great to see his career continue to advance.

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