Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NFL Beat Writers Adapting to Meet Blogging Immediacy

Bloggers can now legitimately argue that old school journalists are "trailer park trash."

O'Dwyer's PR Blog points out this tidbit from Peter King's Monday Morning QB:

The Philadelphia Eagles football franchise will install a "Blogging Trailer" for beat writers to file news during coverage of training camp this summer. "Reporting on the NFL has become such a 'now' business," Eagles PR chief Derek Boyko told Peter King of SI.com. "I saw this as being in the 'need' category, because so many bloggers are doing immediate stories, and now the beat reporters are doing the blogging, too."

Truth be told, this is a wonderful idea and it's a pleasure to see different groups grasping the idea. However, what this really translates to is the fact that beat writers in the Internet age are becoming more and more irrelevant when the average fan, and moreso the well-followed team-based blogger, can easily "beat" newspaper journos to the punch on stories.

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