Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cadillac Mescallade: The Superstars Actually Entertaining

The athlete-celebrity game show - "The Superstars" - airing this summer on Tuesday nights (8pm ET) on ABC got some recent publicity when Terrell Owens was completely dressed down by teammate Joanna Krupa during a failed attempt at the obstacle course. Thanks to some injuries to other participants the duo of Owens-Krupa was given new life and they-- I'm surprised to say-- have been fun to watch. T.O. is easily the best athlete on this program, and Krupa is no slouch in her own right. If you get a chance, please check out T.O.'s run through the obstacle course from last night's show, he completely destroyed it and Jeff Kent in the process.

The other teams are fun to watch as well. Lisa Leslie surprisingly struggled at shooting hoops, while Bode Miller has proved to be a decent athlete off the slopes. Announcer John Saunders can make things a little ridiculous at times as he tries to hype up the mundane moments, but credit Saunders with putting a new spin on how to say MTV Rock N' Jock legend Dan Cortese's name. I think everyone was set with Cor-tease or even Cor-tez for the last twenty years, but Saunders has tipped us off to Cor-tay-zay, giving a whole new sound to the reality TV show veteran.

Other highlights include "Big Shot Bob" Robert Horry from the NBA and Baywatch alum David Charvet. Unfortunately, Kent and his partner Ali Landry were eliminated last night. Landry was a true highlight of the program. But you can judge for yourself. For more info on the teams, check it out here.

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