Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HHR EXCLUSIVE: From The D.C. Bureau: Bob Costas Didn’t Think Judge Sotomayor Was An All Star

Okay, we’ve heard enough sports metaphors and talk about how Judge Sonia Sotomayor “saved baseball” by Senators who probably throw a lot like Mariah Carey.

So, we feel it necessary to bring up some much needed sport’s precedent...in the form of an opinion by baseball’s Chief Justice, Bob Costas.

Apparently the Queens, NY native didn’t think much of his fellow New Yorker, Sonia Sotomayor, during her time on the bench. In the 2002 video below, Costas gives an impassioned dissent regarding Sotomayor’s ruling on the baseball strike. “Saved baseball?” Not so much according to Costas…

We’ll wait and see if Republicans call Costas out of the 'pen to battle the Democrats' witness David Cone later in the week.

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MoonDog said...

That's a great find. I wrote a piece about her and the several sports related cases she ruled on. I wasn't aware of Costas' dissent on her ruling.

Of course, Costas is also a part of the blogger bashing crowd, referring to us as basement dwelling, underwear wearing denizens and I really wasn't too concerned with how he felt about Sotomayor or anything else for that matter.

Aleksandr said...

Is there an updated link w/working Costas video? Cannot find on Hulu.