Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Learn Cricket

In many ways (like soccer), cricket is a sport whose world-wide popularity is lost on Americans. If you pay attention, however, it's quickly growing in exposure.

Peter Della Penna - editor, proprietor and Mr. Everything at - has made it his personal mission to educate US fans on the intricacies (well, really the basics) of the sport. In the process, he has become the game's premiere stateside blogger.

To spread the game's good word, he has been putting out a series of educational posts/videos on different aspects of the game.

Please check them out:

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Danny said...

Peter's gonna crush it in the cricket world, I know it.

I'm very glad to see you highlighted him. I've been a friend of his since college and have followed his blog since his first post. He's very passionate about cricket, I guarantee you that.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

couldnt agree more.

Carl said...

Good to tell that,sport whose world-wide popularity is lost on Americans,the facts are good too.


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