Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"$97M?!?!? What's that, about $8M per spiral?"

I'll admit. I thought I'd see much more negativity from Giants' fans regarding Eli Manning's contract extension. For the most part, however, G-Man Nation has been overly supportive of their admittedly average quarterback's admittedly above-average deal.

That said, there's plenty of discontent out there to enjoy, courtesy of Here's some of our favorites.

Posted by borotaxpayer on 08/05/09 at 7:43AM

Hope it includes a tutor to teach him how to pass.

Posted by AdamC6 on 08/05/09 at 8:22AM

I really like Eli, but "highest paid player in the league?" This doesn't make sense. Sure, give him a lucrative new deal, but why so high?

MG: Is the Manning family so cutthroat that the Giants think he'd bolt if they didn't offer him the moon?

Who in the Giants camp is driving this deal? Ownership?

Just seems a bit extreme. Hopefully we'll see the wisdom in it in both performance and value down the road.

Posted by hrpufnstuff on 08/05/09 at 8:39AM

How will the speed at WR help Eli? He will continue to underthrow them. He needs tall receivers who can adjust to his wounded ducks the way Burress could. A middle of the pack quarterback making $16M a year. Jesus. Now we know how our PSL money is being spent (wasted).

Posted by beerguy2 on 08/05/09 at 8:51AM

Highest paid player in the NFL what a joke. I hope the wind dies down this year during the playoffs.

Posted by mug12 on 08/05/09 at 10:04AM

this will pan out to be one of the worst contracts in the history of sports

Posted by Carbo on 08/05/09 at 10:21AM

$97M for a QB who can't run, can't pass with any accuracy, has a weak arm, and shows no leadership?
Good God, the idiots running this organization have just set it back ten years!
$97M?!?!? What's that, about $8M per spiral?
They should have traded Manning for a bucket of draft picks. They could have built this team into a dynasty for years to come. A sad day in Giants history, along the lines of The Fumble.

Posted by neerg12 on 08/05/09 at 11:10AM

The translation for "Eli" which derives originally from the Southern Redneck Language actually means - average QB with tendencies to pout.

Posted by mug12 on 08/05/09 at 11:10AM

Now we see why he didn't want to play for the Chargers, his daddy wanted more money for the family

Posted by dgoman on 08/05/09 at 11:30AM

Agree with everyone who says this is too much.

I still think David Carr, given the same oppty to play with a quality offensive line and running game would easily surpass Eli, who i still consider average at best.

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Real Fake Sports said...

I agree. This is way too much money for an average quarterback that happened to win a Super Bowl with a very good defense on his team.

Somebody Tell the Giants They're Giving Eli Manning $100 Million

Jeff said...

What happened to your Twitter account? You go boom.

greg. said...

i heard new york sports analysts on espn radio in the new york area ranking qbs, and they basically had eli as the number 3 or 4 guy in the league behind brady and peyton.

seriously? i think its a stretch to get him in the top 10.