Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Donate $1 to Support This NCAAFB Project

One Great Season is a brand new Web site by a college football fanatic and former sportswriter, John P. Wise. Throughout the season, he’ll travel across the country to cover a game in a different city every weekend. The short-term project will offer daily updates — words, still pictures, short video clips and more — to the Web site, and the longer-term project will delve more deeply into the traditions and cultural and regional differences between each state, region or conference as they relate to America’s most exciting sport, all leading up to the BCS Championship game in January.

This is an incredibly ambitious task. While others have attempted it in the past, John’s vision is one that will thrive on interaction from fans both locally and across the sports-loving nation.

As such, John needs your help.

Go to his site and check out the section called 30 Thousand Helpers — That is where you can make a donation of any amount, but all he is asking is for just a $1 contribution. Even if you’re unable to donate, please take a look around the site for a minute. Hopefully you’ll see something you like.

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