Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot Scoop: Vick Spotting in Latrobe, PA

Here's the background: Vallerybrook is a country club in the Pittsburgh suburbs. St. Vincent is where the Steelers have training camp.

Email from a local: "The rumor at Valleybrook is that Michael Vick is in Latrobe. We were there tonight for dinner and the manager said that one of the valets is a student at St. Vincent, and his buddy is working up there doing something to set up for the Steelers. He said that Michael Vick is up there tonight. we'll see if it turns out to be true."

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khorkey said...

Interesting, Sirrius satellite radio this morning early commented that the steelers had not ruled out an interest in Michael. Mike Timlin was non committal naturally, but seemed intrigued as was Hines Ward.

Real Fake Sports said...

I know it's a "sexy" story, but why does Vick dominate NFL news?

khorkey said...

Well I think as good as he was thats why its still interesting. Quiet lately makes you wonder if a team or teams are interested. Im sure if and when he signs it will be all over the news. Have a super day!