Friday, August 7, 2009

Setting the Record Straight: #imnot

Many of our faithful readers and Twitter followers are well aware of our temporary two-day suspension from the 140-character micro-blog this week.

To clear up the mystery, in a nut shell, someone complained that @HHReynolds was impersonating Harold Reynolds, and as such, violated Twitter terms.

After reflection, I understand this could be an issue. It is not uncommon that people contact the blog addressing inquiries and comments to our Patron Saint. That said, we are very straight forward and respond to each of them to clear up any confusion. On Twitter specifically, I publicly inform Tweeters when they make this error. We never, ever pose as anything other than a sports blog who simply pays homage to one of the best baseball analysts in the biz.

I do not begrudge Twitter for addressing this. I am disappointed at the way it was handled: my account was suspended without explanation. After addressing this with support staff, I credit them for helping me rectify the situation.

But be warned bloggers who pay tribute to athletes and personalities in your platforms' monikers: You could be next.

Let's then, clear the air.

This blog:

Has no affiliation or anything to do with this person:

This blog:

Has no affiliation or anything to do with this person:


Is NOT Mike Tirico's blog.

The blog's writer clarifies: "The real Tirico only wears his Viking helmet and Flav clock on rare occasions nowadays. There should be no confusion."

In order to reinstate my account, I had to clarify my Twitter bio. Instead of our site's mantra, "We Embrace Sports," it now reads: "Official Twitter feed for the sports blog, NOT Harold Reynolds."

I even took it a step further and changed my icon:

Last night, fearing they would be the next to feel the wrath of Twitter, sports Tweeters banded together and came clean in a hashtagged "#imnot" campaign.

Before we take a look, one more bit of clarity about HHR courtesy of @Adambuckled:

"Did Twitter think the 2nd H was Harold's middle initial, like @JHChrist? For the record, @HHReynolds isn't the Son of God either."

Now, here are some "De-verified" accounts:

@RedsArmy: Before twitter suspends me like @HHReynolds. Im NOT RedAuerbach.

@dochowser: I am not Neil Patrick Harris.

@aleagueofherown: and i don't really have a league of my own

@TalkHoops: I'm NOT a logo with a basketball for a face.

@BarkleysMouth: And I'm NOT Chuck... Altho I'm fat like him.

@whygavs: And I am in no way Andy Van Slyke.

@babeslovebball: I frickin hate baseball.

@MrWhiteDevil: I'm not Satan

@AngryHack: I'm not really Angry, but certainly Hack.

@THHB: For those who missed it earlier, #imnot Dominique Wilkins---he's the player, I'm the blogger.

@DetTigerfan22: I'm not a giant cement Tiger. I'm human.

@fangsbites: #imnot a vampire. Please don't ban me.

@russbengtson: Before twitter suspends me like @HHReynolds. #ImNot a disembodied yellow avatar.

@appl3s: #imnot really an apple.

@ketoole: #imnot really green.

@Need4Sheed_com: I'm Sheed but nobody believes me.

@roto_tudor: to be clear, I'm neither John Tudor, nor Henry VIII, nor in any way associated with the Roto Rooter company.

@jeskeets: And I am NOT Steve Nash ...

@jeskeets: ... nor Jiri Welsch

@jeskeets: ... nor Samantha Ronson.

@sweetbob: #imnot Capt. Lou Albano

@firebruntlett: Fire Eric Bruntlett is in no way associated or related to Eric Bruntlett. We just enjoying mocking and hating him.

@AestheticsGirl: Before Twitter suspends me like @HHReynolds. #ImNot Paul Pierce. I didn't throw a pitch at R-Sox Game. Am a Girl who likes Aesthetic Theory.

@mredonkulous: I am Oliver Miller #imnot

@pop_martian: BTW, I am not a Lego incarnation of Edward Hopper's classic 1942 painting "Nighthawks." #ImNot #SaveHHR

@thegnc: #imnot a store for training supplements

@RumorsandRants: Despite what my avatar may lead you to believe, #imnot Sam The Eagle

@RoundballMiner: I do not burrow into the earth with shovels and dynamite hoping to find basketballs. I'm living a lie. #ImNot

@RidiculousScott: #ImNot Mr. Belding

@whatthenoelle: Before twitter suspends me like @HHReynolds--Unfortunately #ImNot Stan Van Gundy. Fortunately #ImNot SVG impersonating Paul Blart . Or am I?

@TomFornelli: Tom Fornelli is a drifter I killed years ago and whose identity I stole. My real name is Armin Tamzarian.

@loljocks_grimey: Before my account gets suspended by Twitter, I'm NOT hiding behind the upper-right hand corner on Tic-Tac-Dough #imnot

@DSB_MaxPower: #imnot I'm not Max Power, but it's the name you'd love to touch but you mustn't touch #Simpsons

@thejonlee: Before twitter suspends me like @HHReynolds. #ImNot thejo...n/m I actually am jon lee. Carry on.

@plamorte: I am not @plamorte....oh wait yes I am! Guess I can throw away this pic I was going to make my default...

@avoidingthedrop: I AM actually a soccerball. All the other soccerballs need to step off.

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AK said...

Way to take the high road. I found myself laughing through the entire list of tweets (especially the Tic Tac Dough reference). Crap. I'm still laughing. Thanks for posting!

Himself said...

Can we then assume by his deafening silence that @KissMeSuzy is actually Joe Namath?

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

i think thats fair to assume

Eric Gargiulo said...

I am done if the Iron Sheik ever figures out Twitter.