Saturday, August 1, 2009

US Women's Water Polo Team Wins Gold

HHR contributor Cadillac Mescallade has the envious task of working with the US Water Polo Association, and is, as such, subjected to excruciating tasks like having to travel the globe and watch sports (first China for the Olympics, now Rome for the world championships).

Last night on his blog "Floating in Rome," he wrote:

Quick update for those that saw the USA Women won the Gold Medal tonight defeating Canada 7-6. A wacky game that saw players rolled from each game. Canada is protesting the defeat based on one of those calls in the second quarter. So for now the celebration is on hold until this can get squared away tomorrow morning. Will have an update then.

Well it's official.

Despite typical Canadian whining, the US prevails.


A protest lodged by Canada following last night's 7-6 defeat at the hands of the USA Women's Senior National Team was formally denied this morning in a meeting with FINA officials. With the ruling the USA Women are officially World Champions for the second consecutive time and third time this decade.

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