Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rusty Reckons: NASCAR Gets Presidential

Yesterday, President Obama welcomed a whole slew of driver's
to the south lawn of the White House for a little celebration of NASCAR, "a uniquely American sport." Typically, the President hosts just the champion. However, Jimmie Johnson's won the Sprint Cup three years running. Rusty figures he was getting tired of as Forrest Gump says, "Going to the White House, again", so this year he brought a few friends. Included among his visitors was the #48 car and the much sought after Sprint Cup trophy.

When asked his secret for picking winners - the President has correctly picked both the NCAA men's basketball champion and Super Bowl champion in the past year - Obama offered real ground breaking advice, "You guys call me up right before the end of the race and I'll let you know who I think's going to come out on top." I reckon that's a method with a much better percentage for being right. With that in mind, Rusty will forgo a prediction for Bristol until about 10:30 on Saturday night. I want to see who's left standing, first.

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