Monday, August 31, 2009

What Would Brian Boitano Make?

What's Brian Boitano going to do on the Food Network? I bet he'll kick an ass or two.

Actually, no. He won't do that.

"What Would Brian Boitano Make?" - a not-so-subtle take on the South park parody song - debuted on the Food Network recently. At first I thought this could not possibly be real. I was mistaken.

I think had the most dead-on description:

No, this is one of those "lifestyle" shows the Food Network is so adept at churning out -- more tailored to the host's persona and his or her niche than anything else. And to judge by the first episode, Brian's self-professed niche would be San Franciscan guys who like to entertain their single girlfriends, prepare fussy little crudités and "ride bikes on rainbows!"
The show airs Sundays at 1pm/12c.

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Brian said...

this show was surprisingly entertaining. maybe a little unpolished, but better than most of the ridiculous shows food network produces

Octavio said...

I LOVE the show! I hope they are filming more... also, hum... only airing sundays at 1 pm? How limited is that?!