Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Raiders Need To Start To The Season, Now

Have you ever seen that show on A & E called "Hoarders?" I watched it yesterday for the first time and it is amazing. These people keep their homes piled with complete garbage, much of it often a detriment to their own well being, and operate as if nothing is the matter. They don't realize they are destroying themselves usually until a concerned family member, an angry landlord, the health department, or this tv show comes into their lives.

This brings me to the Oakland Raiders.

They have had a couple of ridiculous moves this off-season that makes you wish a concerned family member would intervene and stop this insanity.

The first one made a bunch of headlines when Head Coach Tom Cable (perhaps a distant relative of Kenny Powers) knocked the crap out of one of his assistant coaches and then everyone tried to act like it didn't happen for a little while. I'm sure that guy just fell into an overhead projector on accident during a meeting.

Their latest quality move was trading a first round draft pick to the New England Patriots for Richard Seymour. Everybody knows that first round draft picks in Oakland are perhaps as valuable as any player on their current roster and in some cases more valuable because these picks represent the future which has yet to be tainted with the present.

Regardless, a team has every right to parlay a draft pick into a superstar player or somebody or a group of somebodies that can benefit their team. That said I just don't see this one working out. Seymour is a free agent after this year and who in their right mind would re-sign in Oakland, unless there were no other options. So now basically what we are looking at is a one year rental. Not the first time this has happened, you see it in other sports all the time. A few years back the Houston Astros essentially rented Carlos Beltran and he proved very valuable during a playoff run. The problem here is, barring something miraculous, the Raiders are likely not going to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. They don't strike me as just one player away from making a push to the playoffs so that just adds another layer of confusion. To sum it all up it appears the Raiders have ditched what will almost definitely be a top 10 pick for a one year rental of defensive tackle that has been around the block once or twice.

This is why the season needs to start for the Raiders. They desperately need the focus to return on the games they may or may not be losing rather than the news of coaches laying out coaches and terrible trades. If there is any solace for this squad it is that they remain in a division, the AFC West, the remains the most winnable in football by a bad team on a yearly basis. So good luck Raiders, you'll need it.

-Posted by Cadillac Mescallade

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RFS said...

I've seen that show hoarders. That is the best way anyone could describe the Raiders. Great post!