Thursday, September 17, 2009

Riemersma Needs Your Help

The latest professional athlete to toss his helmet into the foray of politics is none other than Jay Riemersma.


Riemersma is a former tight end from the University of Michigan that played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills who is probably best known as an available tight end on the waiver wire during your tight end's bye week in fantasy football.

After retirement from the NFL, Riemersma came back to coach his former high school team. However, his return to the roots story won't be seen anytime soon on E:60 as word is he quit the fledging team over a dispute to become the school's Athletic Director trying to force out the long-time, near retirement AD.

Riemersma is touting his "outsider" credentials; however, he has already shown shrewd inside the Beltway tactics in his quest for the congressional seat. He has inflated his fundraising numbers by giving a personal loan to the campaign and proclaiming it as grassroots support. He has hired the seediest campaign consultants in the state of Michigan. Also, he penned a letter to the editor in the local paper
asking how any Christian could have voted for Barack Obama.

Former University of Michigan Head Football Coach and Russell Crowe BFF Lloyd Carr is schedule to do appearances for his candidacy. Also rumored to appear down the line is Ben Roethlisberger who currently is busy running his own PR campaign.

His NFL experience will be a mainstay talking point during the chicken dinner circuit. As well it should be as plenty of former and current players know the importance of community service.

Riemersma faces a tough primary battle going against experienced candidates in a state that is desperate for someone to make an immediate impact. He may see that celebrity status only goes so far.

However, we appreciate it when a sports-related figure jumps into the political seen here at HHR. It is one of our bread and butter topics. So, to keep his flame alive, we would appreciate hearing your stories about Riemersma on how he touched people's lives so that he can use those thoughtful memories on the campaign trail and also to get the racier locker room stuff out in the open now before he takes down his Republican teammates while in Congress.

We will be sure to follow his candidacy closely as the opportunity to use tight end jokes for the next year makes us giggle.

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