Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ron Jaworski Loses More than Just Super Bowls; Looks to Throw Money and Influence Around

According to the Courier Post, Jaws fell short of his bid to redevelop in the housing community in which his Valleybrook Country Club resides.

Superior Court Judge Michelle Fox has dismissed a lawsuit, brought by an investment group headed by Valleybrook owner Ron Jaworski, that wanted to build 68 homes at the Blackwood site. The investment group's lawsuit sought to void a deed restriction against development at the 18-hole golf course.

Interestingly, Jaws is now raising money for the November challenger to the town's current mayor, to which the mayor points out appears to be an obvious attempt by the quarterback to curry favor down the road, calling it "pay-to-play at its worst" and a "total disregard for Gloucester Township homeowners." The mayor's campaign claims Jaworski's suit has coast the town and homeowner associations an "excess of $125,000."

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