Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Cynic's Guide to College Football: Week Five

A little late with my post this week, but I’m sure you’ve come to expect nothing less from your intrepid Cynic. Week 5 is in the books and things are starting to get interesting. Some questions have been answered (yes, Oklahoma’s offensive line is that bad; yes, Stanford is legit in the Pac-10), while some remain mysteries (Are there any REALLY good teams this year? Does Bobby Bowden start getting retirement or severance pay after this season? Holy cow, Gene Chizik can actually coach?). Here are a few thoughts on the Week Five.

The Juice is Loose. On the Sideline.

There’s already been a lot written about Illinois horrific 1-3 start, so I won’t rehash that here. But in light of Ron Zook’s decision to bench Juice Williams, I have to wonder if this isn’t like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Admittedly, Williams has not performed like the Williams of old and I understand the need to look for the future. But is taking the one guy on your team that anyone would remotely consider a potentially dangerous playmaker off the field really going to help?

The EA Sports NCAA Football jinx strikes again.

Apparently Ready for Prime Time

With the suspension of star receiver Dez Bryant, I’m guessing Deion Sanders isn’t the most popular guy in Stillwater, Oklahoma this week.

On the plus side, Dez now has lots of time to work on lesson two—keeping your bling its shiniest.

Does Kyle Boller Have Any Eligibility Left?

Every couple of years, we hear how one of Jeff Tedford’s protégés is ready to take the NFL by storm. And while the early results on Aaron Rodgers are favorable, I think the Trent Dilfer, Akili Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington and Kyle Boller experiments were (being generous here) somewhat less than successful. Likewise, every year we hear that this is the year Cal makes the move, challenges for a Pac-10 title and becomes a player on the national scene. And, like clockwork, the Bears did their usual fall-flat-on-their-face routine, being outscored 72-6 in the last two weeks by USC and Oregon. They have Jahvid Best and they manage two field goals in two weeks? Seriously, how much does it take for Tedford to start getting the “o-ver-rat-ed clap, clap, clapclapclap” chant?

Action shot of Cal’s Pac-10 chances.

Up Next on the Main Stage . . .

Have to credit CNNSI’s Stewart Mandel with this one, but it was worth revisiting—has there ever been a bigger one-week turnaround than what UTEP experienced last week? In seven days, the Miners went from getting waxed 63-7 by #2 Texas to turning around and beating #12 Houston 58-41. The last time we saw a turnaround that abrupt, UTEP coach Mike Price had just been hired as the head man at Alabama and then headed to the strip club.

No cover on Mike Price Night.

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