Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chris Illuminati, you are a Thunder fan now!

After compelling arguments for the Celts, Nets, Bulls, Suns and others, congratulations to Brian K. for convincing Illuminati to root for the Seattle SuperSonics Oklahoma City Thunder in our latest contest.

Brian will receive a Full Year Subscription of NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband.

Chris noted that the deciding factor came down to the fact that the team is a novelty and he can start somewhat fresh, "I'd rather root for a team that's new. I can't be a Celtics/Bulls fan. I'll have to check the unis first." He was also quite fond of one line: "So welcome to the Thunder family. Have a seat anywhere."

Here's Brian's submission:

There are a number of reasons you should pledge you allegiance to the Oklahoma City Thunder. First, it seems that much of your previous fandom was player based. That is fortunate because the Thunder have one of the most exciting young players in the league in Kevin Durant. Beyond that, they have recent third overall pick James Harden and the excellent and anonymous Jeff Green. They also have Nenad Krstic and it is always fun to have a lanky Eastern European on you team.

Second, the team needs more blogging fans. There is, from what I can tell, one independent Thunder blog, Bend It Like Bennett. After that, there is an SB Nation blog and some incomplete and barren urls The team needs more fan representation in new media formats.

Third, you aren't adopting a team, you are adopting an odd municipal rivalry. Did you know that the Oklahoma City Thunder once played in Seattle? It's true. They weren't even called the Thunder, even though it rains there like God wants someone to build an ark, but everyone is too high to listen. Seattle hates that they lost the team that played games they didn't attend. Seattle residents hate Oklahoma City for "stealing" their team. Screw them. Attending a Thunder game is no less legitimate than ignoring a Sonics game.

So welcome to the Thunder family. Have a seat anywhere.


Nationally and locally televised games are subject to blackout and are therefore not available via NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND (regardless of whether team is home or away).

This contest is for US participants only. By entering the sweepstakes you agree to release Sponsor, the NBA Entities, and their respective affiliates and agencies from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or losses of any kind to in connection with the sweepstakes, prize or any prize-related activity.


Chris Illuminati fancies himself some type of authority on things. He is actually an asshole. So much so he wrote a book.

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keri said...

I can't believe you left off the best Thunder blog and one of the best on the web. And I'm a Pistons fan.

tom e said...

wow, keri. yikes. comments these days will live on forever. oh, and shame on you.