Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Mid-Major College Sports
Cadillac Mescallade

Whether it's basketball, soccer or water polo, it is fun to root for the proverbial underdog. The school without the bigger budget, the school that not everyone knows, the school that has sneakers made by one company and uniforms by another, you know where this is going. Anybody can cheer for Duke or Texas but knowing the journey it takes for a mid major to be really successful is always fun to watch. It's what makes the first round of March Madness so fun. I bet you can name a 15 seed that beat a 2 seed as fast as you can rattle off the recent national champions in college football. That is what I'm thankful for.

Thanksgiving Football ALL DAY

Can you imagine if you had to sit and talk to your whole extended family for an entire day? Sitting around the table, eating, and conversing for hours on end about a second cousin's new house, a sister in-law's passionate rant on how the president really is a Muslim (the internet says so!), or grandpa's recap of the weather in the southwest would be enough for most of us to consider passing smallpox-laced napkins around the table. But thanks to all-day football, we can eat and drink and engage in polite banter and then retire to any area with a TV, where we can satisfy our need to break awkward silences by getting another beer or commenting on the game instead of an uncle's ill-advised hairpiece or new wife. The time passes quickly (even with a Lions game on) and before you know it your bizarre family members have drifted out of your house and you haven't had to get up to say good-bye or anything - in fact, there are some you didn't even see at all! And if you're keeping score, that's the two-point conversion of family avoidance.

The next generation of sports fans
The Cynic

Earlier this year, I got to take my daughter to her first football game. I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch her eyes light up when she got to meet the cheerleaders and see the band before the game. She's a little young to grasp all the intracices of football yet. (She still thinks its cute to line up in a cover-2 on 3rd and 6 and bring the strong side linebacker on a blitz, even though she knows it'll open up the tight end on an 8-yard slant route. But she's only 3, so I cut her some slack.)

I am also thankful that I have a TV better than the ones available to SEC replay officials.

Rev. Shaw Moore

Watching sports just to admire the skill and determination of athletes isn't enough - it means so much more when there's pride, honor and glory on the line. What would baseball be without the Yankees and Red Sox? Basketball without Duke-UNC? Rivalries add so much to the world of sports and gives us, the fans, something to brag about and occasionally something to rub in the face of so-called "friends" who cheer for the wrong team. So here's to rivalries - may my team win big, and your team die a slow, miserable death.

Special Agent Blue Pulaski (DC Bureau)

Look, I'm an old, old man. I've seen about everything there is to see in the game of football and frankly the game is old and sick, just like me. But there is one thing that'll still get a rise out of this old sailor: BOOBS. I like boobs on cheerleaders like the big ones on the Cowboys sidelines, the ones in the stands at the SEC college games and the ones on Colt McCoy's girlfriend. I really like the ones on Tim Tebow's fake girlfriend. I like that they come in sets of two, so maybe there are two things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving...

Fall Classic with the Phils

While I love my Phils regardless, the fact that they made it to the fall classic a second year in the row brought about a new level of adoration. Apparently, this a second trip to the World Series meant that Philadelphia and our beloved baseball team was "celebrity" enough to make it onto Access Hollywood and into US Weekly, thus combining two of my favorite things - Sports and Celebrity Gossip. Thank you, Billy Bush, for putting Chase Utley into another half-hour of television, even if only for one-week out of the year. That face (and a bunch of others on the team) deserve more prime-time, network coverage.

The End of Andy's Road

I'm thankful that every year that goes by is one year closer to Andy Reid not being the Eagles coach anymore.

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Reverend Paul Revere said...

"I'm thankful that every year that goes by is one year closer to Andy Reid not being the Eagles coach anymore."

Only because he's one year closer to death. Seriously, what will it take to get a little change in this bitch?