Friday, November 27, 2009

Super Bowl Halftime Show to Reach Whole New Level of Perversion

After the poopstorm that the infamous Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake titty show at Super Bowl XXXVIII caused, the NFL has done very little to clean up its halftime acts.

Since the 2004 performance, the Super Bowl has featured, among others:

An ambiguous gender bender who entertained football fans with a phallic silhouette.

A skeletal rocker best known for folksy pot songs.

And a guy from Jersey who used the show to shove his crotch in America's face.

Yet, it had never before featured a performer who spent years on national a sex offenders list after paying for kiddie porn...until now.

Pete Townshend, you're a pioneer many times over.

Screw you, FCC.

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