Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kayfabian Messiah: Charles Tillman, the NFL’s Worst Cornerback of All Time

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I hadn’t written anything in weeks because there was really not a lot to say. The Bears beat the Browns & Rams & other than that had performed like the Oakland Raiders almost all year. Last night was a huge game & showed that they are not a terrible team, but revealed a lot of why have nots.

The first is one that has bothered me since the beginning of the season & will be the drum that beats Lovie Smith & Ron Turner out of jobs. Why was Devin Aromashodu not starting all year? He played excellently in preseason. The only reason it seems Earl Bennett got a starting job was more to kiss Jay Cutler’s ass because they were college teammates. I have never had a problem with Devin Hester or Johnny Knox in those roles because they actually work hard & excel. Bennett is just not anything more than a wideout. He is blameless personally because nobody is going to say I don’t want to be a starter. But this Mangini like Favre love put on Cutler by Lovie & Turner began with that half-assed decision.

The second one was a blessing in disguise. Last year, the Bears went 9-7 but they easily could have had several more wins. One guy on defense had them blow multiple leads with his outrageously terrible coverage of wide receivers, inability to keep his own balance & all around blooper reel like qualities. That man is Charles Tillman, the NFL’s worst cornerback of all time. Your job as a CB is to guard WRs. If you can’t keep up with them and/or run the easiest of routes not only shouldn’t you start but you should be out of the league!

The dumb ass logic of keeping Tillman as a starter (despite drafting his replacement that is faster & 100 times better) is things he does in the community. Now I love players who give back & stuff but this isn’t tee ball where everyone gets a chance to play. These guys are getting millions of dollars! This isn’t a volunteer job! He is not doing his job! Tillman has been beyond terrible including his infamous clumsiness of tripping over himself. If you are great in the community & no longer can cut it as a player then retire & join the player’s association as a goodwill rep! But because his true colors are about the money he won’t! That is the Charles Tillman hypocrisy!

Instead he undermines a team’s defense & they are forced to play two games on defense. One is the Bear’s defense against the opposing offense. The second game is the Bears Linebackers & Defensive Ends having to do his job & almost play against him for the defense to succeed. This is why the defense did well for a while against Minnesota because the LBs & the DEs continued to push through not allowing Tillman to be the blocker. When Tillman was the blocker guys like Peterson easily threw him to the ground as if he was as imposing a 95 lb ref. That was on top of the clumsiness & screw ups of the routes.

When this horribly inept joke of professional football CB got hurt (which was like winning the Superbowl to me) all of sudden the secondary was able to make a ton of stops & held the Vikings to a FG. What a coincidence! As a matter a fact even in OT it was obvious that the Vikings struggled to move the ball once this disgrace to every player to ever play in the league on the secondary was out of the game. This is another reason Lovie Smith will be canned. Tillman is one of his best friends. He hired another one of his friends to miscoach the defense last year & obviously that failed. He does as well with separating friendship from professionalism as Robert Downey Jr. usually did with sobriety!

It makes it far worse because the Bears drafted DJ Moore who is faster & far better than Tillman & after last night more than anything it was obvious Tillman sucks on a national scale; so why Lovie are you still starting him? These kinds of boneheaded moves not only will fire Uncle Ben but its going to make it damn hard for him to get a coordinator job even in the CFL! Imagine if the Giants fire Sheridan & hired this goof! He would probably fall in love with CC Brown & push to start him every week even though the guy is obviously awful.

All in all it was great to see my favorite team beat my least favorite team & at least the Bears have an attempt to go 7-9 which is far better than the 4-12 finish I was sadly anticipating several weeks ago. However, it also is a disgrace with the talent they have to not make the playoffs the last 3 years & the incompetent coaching was even worse than the issues on the Browns, Raiders & Chiefs in many many ways! Since great things were not allowed to be used all year, the showcasing of talent that was constantly benched only makes you look than much worse as a coach. It may have been the worst thing to happen to Smith (and the greatest things for Bears fans) because now a new coach is going to be able to come in here & do these things & make things happen. Goodbye Uncle Ben & Good Riddens!

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Shea Johnson said...

Um ... no. No to everything.

kayfabianmessiah said...

Nice ignorant comment with no facts to back it up. Since I can actually show tapes of Tillman playing like this & gave concrete examples of how awful he is. Also I can show years worth of it.

What do you have; an ignorant response I would expect from a 5 year old with no facts to back it up. Do you watch any Bears games or just 5 minutes of clips a week?

I watch every single game in its entirety paying attention to missed tackles on defense, otherthrown passes & the lack of reaction or change to any of these failed things the last 3 years!

Seriously go stick to figure skating or women's golf cause you know nothing about football Shea Jerkoff!

wolfhound said...

Right on about Tillman. In fact I think that the whole secondary is suspect at this point. Being a UT fan I was hoping Vasher would pan out. Well, that hasn't happened either.

They are in dire need of a good house cleaning at Halis Hall.

kayfabianmessiah said...

I wouldn't put stock in Vasher or Bowman either. They have Corey Graham who Lovie keeps playing out of position & they drafted the Tillman replacement in the last year's draft in DJ Moore. Its just another guy like the other Devin who has ignorantly not been used all year when clearly he is too talented to be on the bench.

With the right coach coming in & with the misused talent, it should be a far better year in the 2010 season. I guess its not uncommon with what the Falcons, Cardinals & others went through with the right changes leadership.

Shea Johnson said...

Whoa, relax. Football is not, I repeat, not that serious.

While Peanut gets beat from time to time, I would hardly classify that -- as you seemingly have -- a susceptibility. On a team with Bowman, Vash, Graham, McBride, Moore (and now Turene), Peanut is clearly the best corner ... No, he is the best member of the secondary, actually. I mean, his stripping prowess will make your balls drop.

When you say the Bears drafted his replacement who is 100 times better, are you referring to D.J. Moore or Zack Bowman? In any case, it's irrelevant, because that is a ridiculous notion. Hey, I like both. I was incredibly happy when the Bears drafted Moore, but neither has shown even remotely enough to warrant such a statement.

And to infer that Peanut is a starter because of his charitable contributions is silly.

I'm not sure why you hate Tillman so, but there are plenty of other pieces of the secondary to call out well before him.

So, sir, I stand by my original statement; Your article is stupid. That doesn't mean you won't "nail it" later on as I'm sure you'll write a few more for HHR. And it definitely isn't a personal attack.

If you're going to expose your opinions to the Web, my friend, be prepared to take criticism without succumbing to apparent hypertension rivaled only by, maybe, Mark Mangino.

That is all.