Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kayfabian Messiah: Time For Change In Chicago

As a new feature to HHR, we will feature the ramblings of unapologetic Bears fan (and Cutler/Lovie hater) the Kayfabian Messiah. For more KM, you can check out his recently launched "Thoughts from the Inner Walls."


The time is now for change in Chicago. For the last 3 years, Lovie Smith (aka Mr. Rogers) has done nothing but denigrate a team with more talent than Dick Jauron’s 2001 #2 seed Chicago Bears. There’s nothing wrong with the WRs. People who say that are on the useless Jay Cutler bandwagon. He’s an average quarterback with a gigantic ego. Here you have a team that is built on running with a RB who ran over 1500 yards last year. Cutler convinces terrible Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner to pass it more.

Now, when you have talent at RB; why not use it? Turner has successfully destroyed & turned this team into a one dimensional team. All this BS about Devin Hester is just that. He is doing the best he can with a QB who constantly overthrows & under throws. Randy Moss & Larry Fitzgerald couldn’t catch most of the crappy passes that Cutler throws. There is talent with Cutler but it can only harnessed by a legit coaching staff with DISCIPLINE! Ned Flanders is more of a strict disciplinarian than Lovie Smith.

The lack of leadership is the true problem. When you have no accountability for doing bad things & acting like a whiny douche like Jay Cutler; what’s to make him stop this behavior? Where’s the accountability of being punished for continuously playing terribly? No where! At least in Carolina there is pressure on Delhomme to perform well or be benched as it should be anywhere. You are paid a lot of money to play as a starting QB! This isn’t little league where everyone gets a chance!

Basically, it all dwindles down to the message sent from the top. Shanahan would not take any crap from head cases like Shannon Sharpe, Brandon Marshall or Cutler. And they respected him. How the hell can anyone respect Lovie? He doesn’t do anything! Tommie Harris gets ejected & there are no consequences for his actions! He also as coach & Defensive Coordinator doesn’t change failed plays & continues to executive them despite the constant failure. Everything he does (or doesn’t do for that matter) is the definition of world’s worst leader.

Obviously, fine, Jay Cutler is a selfish tool but it’s the coach’s job to punish a player to put him in line to be a team player. There are plenty of hot headed arrogant QBs but when push comes to shove; they are all team players. Cutler is truly the first in years to behave this way & obviously it has everything to do with the fact that he can get away with it. Lovie kisses this kid’s ass & is more of his cheerleader! He doesn’t even care when he performs badly.

When have they worked with Cutler (if ever) after a bad game? This week with Minnesota you could tell Lovie didn’t even bother to prepare his team at all! Then you have Lovie’s other ‘boyfriend’ Charles Tillman. For the most part over the last 3 years, Tillman has proven himself to be the worst CB in the entire NFL. Nobody is slower in coverage against WRs, trips over his own feet more, always runs the opposite way of the WR & consistently performs worse than Tillman! But Lovie won’t bench him!

In fact they drafted a CB who proved to be faster & better at running routes! Does Lovie use him at all? NO! Then you have Corey Graham who is a better CB than Bowman & Vasher & Lovie plays him out of position. The terrible secondary issues are what caused the multiple blown leads last year. That’s why it made no sense in trading for a QB. That was not the problem last year; it was the defense.

Lovie’s solution is don’t fix the problem but attempt to improve something that wasn’t the problem to begin with & give up draft picks for 2 years! One idiotic decision after another & an execution of the worst leadership ever has led up to this season which is a probable 6-10 finish. It’s all on Lovie Smith!

It’s not a coincidence that the Bears haven’t made the playoffs since Ron Rivera was let go & that the Chargers have not been winless in the playoffs since getting him. The worst thing the NFL ever did was giving that moron (Lovie Smith) coach of the year. They should give it to coordinators who carry the team. The Bears won in spite of a coach who was obsessed with starting the worst QB ever. There were games when the defense did all the scoring. As a matter of fact between the special teams with Hester’s brilliant rookie year & the takeaways by the defense it was all done on the other side.

Lovie (like now) ran a crappy team & Rivera carried his ass! Lovie wanted to prove he could run the defense. What he has proven since 2007 is that he flat out sucks! I swear the day he’s fired will be as happy as the day the Bears won the NFC Title for me. He is a disgrace to the Halas legacy & it’s an insult that he still holds that job urinating on it! The time is now to fire the Bears worst coach ever & sign a legit head coach & not another hack coordinator!

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