Monday, December 7, 2009

Kayfabian Messiah: Your team won & you’re not happy?

Throughout the season we will feature the ramblings of unapologetic Bears fan (and Cutler/Lovie hater) the Kayfabian Messiah. For more KM, you can check out his recently launched "Thoughts from the Inner Walls."


I guess some fans are delusional at times. When a team comes off a 9-7 season, is anticipated to do far better but ends up on a pace for 6-10; there’s hardly anything to be happy about! Also with all due respect to certain reporters & dozens of annoying mouthpieces who do not watch Bears games in whole each & every week, how are you qualified to make criticisms of good & bad? It’s a lot to pay attention to every missed tackle, screwed up assignment & miscue to the point where you can call an interception or predict an opposing team to go down field on a given play that can’t be summed up by simply watching a 5 second highlight!

When you see a head coach for THREE YEARS continue to use these same failed plays with the defense & it gets to the point where you can predict how badly the team is going to fail, there’s no a lot to be happy about! Everyone in the media likes to point fingers to everyone but the obvious. Most journalists like to use the Babe Ruth method for Jay Cutler of kissing his ass & putting the blame elsewhere. Perhaps this is why he has this ego since the dimwitted tools on the Bears’ coaching staff do the same. When you are a coach, you do not treat a player like royalty & kiss his ass as if you were the president of their fan club!

Brian Urlacher, who is the widely the most respected player on the Bears right now, spoke out against the errors of having Cutler over Orton & how Lovie & his crew of morons has lost the identity of the team in the process of picking him up. The Bears have always been a running team offensively. That is their identity. You don’t see the Vikings stop going to Adrian Peterson with the addition of Brett Favre’s arm. They utilize both talents like any common sense coaching crew would do. One that doesn’t shouldn’t even be coaching at the pee wee level!

Also in response to morons in the media, Urlacher HAS EVERY RIGHT TO COMMENT! He is the team captain! And he is not the type of person to publicly call this team out ever! Urlacher is a class act! So when he makes comments such as this; you shut up & listen! He had to make the comments because the extremely lackluster joke of a disciplinary machine the Bears call a coaching staff won’t do that! They don’t do anything! The Bears did win a game yesterday & Lovie looked like he didn’t have a clue what the hell was going on! I’m sure that’s a familiar feeling in his daily life!

I see so many teams with problems but they have coaches that actually fix them! Whether you bench a top player to get the team fired up or the bench a player that plays awful for one who plays better; it all works out for the best. But the latter is that ‘common sense’ thing which is above Lovie Smith’s head. The #1 rule with that one is with his idol, Charles Tillman. Any other coach would have cut Tillman by now! This guy for the most part over the last three years has far & away become the worst CB in the NFL! Sadly, the Bears drafted a quicker far better CB in DJ Moore! The genius Lovie has let him play zero times in regular season! Another brilliant move by this crack (er crap) staff!

So, until this disgrace to the legacy of George S. Halas Sr. is fired along with his deplorable coaching staff, things will never change! They had far less talent in past years & won because they were coached far better during previous head coaches’ stints. Without leadership, discipline, direction & accountability things will continue to be awful.

This BS about the WRs & other stuff is fodder from people who watch 5 seconds of Bears highlights a week. Sure Cutler is to blame somewhat & there are problems on both sides of the field, but 95% of the problems all point to the coaching staff! Once the right staff is brought in, things will improve & many franchises have proven that theory correct for years!

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