Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You're Lucky Merc Morris Hasn't Gotten Wind of it Yet

LA Governor Bobby Jindal may be one of the most prominent Indian-American politicians in the country, but recent radio comments indicate he's a far cry from one of the most prominent football fans in the country:

"I'm a lifelong Saints fan. I remember the bad times and the good times; when they were one and 15 as well as this year's incredible, incredible run. I'm predicting we'll go, not only undefeated, but all the way through the Super Bowl - something that's never been done before. I think the Saints are going to set a national record right here."

Audio via WWL.

Responded Harvey Greene, the Dolphins' senior vice president of media relations, in an email to POLITICO:

"With all due respect to Governor Jindal, our fans in Louisiana and elsewhere will be disappointed to learn that he forgot about the most accomplished team in NFL history – the 1972 'Perfect Season' Miami Dolphins. They are the only team in league annals to go undefeated and win a championship, posting a perfect 17-0 record, including a win in Super Bowl VII. We wish the Saints, and the Indianapolis Colts, who are also undefeated, the best of luck in their attempt to match our undefeated season, and we will be the first to congratulate either team if they accomplish that feat. But until then, we remain the only perfect team in NFL history, an achievement our players and coaches rightly are proud of."

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