Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 26

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Our guest this week a award-winning journalist Amy K. Nelson. Amy covers major league baseball for and is part of the site’s Enterprise team. Born and raised on the north shore of Massachusetts and a graduate of Hampshire College, Amy has been covering professional sports for close to 10 years.


She writes both investigative and long-form pieces for the site, and among her recent highlights is a piece on the timeline of death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and a breaking news story and in-depth feature on Alex Rodriguez’s infamous cousin who allegedly provided him steroids. She also served as a moderator for ESPN’s First Take program, chatting with fans online and relaying their comments live on the show, and has appeared on SportsCenter, ESPNews, Baseball Tonight and Outside The Lines.

Amy talks about her path to ESPN, starting with her decision to forgo a career as a photo-journalist and dive head first into sports journalism. Admittedly addicted to Twitter, she describes the role social media plays in complimenting her work.

She and Chris, two card-carrying members of Red Sox Nation, talk about Boston's prospects for the up-coming year, their thoughts on some faces familiar to Fenway - namely Nomar and Mike Lowell, and whether this is finally the breakout year for minor league superstar and major league enigma Clay Buchholz.

Finally, in one of the most groundbreaking revelations on the BwB show, Amy reveals the connection between Boof Bonser and the single greatest moment of her professional career.

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