Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Bill Goldberg's Career Took Him from Lynching Country to Inclusion on Famous Jewish Sports Legends Leaflet

Celebrity Apprentice "star" and former WCW world champion Bill Goldberg was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Museum this past Saturday.

While his dad called the idea of a Jewish wrestler "oxymoronic as the phrase 'fresh frozen jumbo shrimp,'" while reflecting on his career in light of honor, Goldberg did little to dispel numerous stereotypes - both of Jew and Gentile.

Goldberg said he wasn’t looking to make a statement when he started wrestling. He was looking to make money.

"The truth of it is my lawyer called me and told me the money I made from football was going to run out,” he said. “I had to find something else to do."

Many of his early competitions were in the South. One night, in the middle of a show, fans started chanting his name, and Goldberg realized that something special was going on.

"Here I am, this 300-pound guy named Goldberg, and they’re chanting my name. They’re chanting ‘Goldberg, Goldberg’ in the middle of lynching country."

What a mensch.

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